Let’s Work Together

Maybe you heard some organizations are blogging, but aren’t sure what it can do for your organization. (Hint: It can grow your community of supporters and strengthen your brand.)

Maybe you see all of these organizations crushing it on social media, but don’t know what you can do with your limited time, staff, and budget. (Hint: Figure out where your audience is and clarify what successful engagement looks like for your organization.)

Maybe you work with ambitious young professionals and want to help them find work they’ll love, but aren’t sure what they need to know. (Hint: Encourage informational interviews and a highly targeted job search.)

I can help with these challenges and more. I write, speak, and consult on the following topics.

Content Strategy

-How your organization can get started blogging (and why you should)
-How to develop an editorial calendar for your organization
-How to figure out what you should be posting in the first place
-How to measure success and explore different kinds of content
-How to leverage social media for audience growth and engagement

Career Building

-How to develop a networking framework
-How to network using social media
-How to tailor your resume and cover letter to a job
-How to develop leadership skills and excel at work

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If you have a quick question or two feel free to shoot me an email.