Today I am featured in the New York Daily News Budget Busters Series. I learned some tips and tricks on how to save a little over $2,000 a year, which will go straight into a savings account.  I have a hard time with long term savings (like creating an emergency fund) but am fine saving short term bigger purchases, like when I wanted to buy my laptop so this is a great way to jump start an emergency fund.

But what was really wonderful about the experience was learning how to get the most out of my money without necessarily spending more or less. It’s tough to stretch a dollar without sacrificing the little things you love so I really value this experience.

Please visit the NY Daily News for the full article.

For new readers directed to this blog through the story, I write about my experiences as a nonprofit newbie trying to make in NYC. Below are some of the popular posts on my blog that relate to the economy and finance—from both monetary and social perspectives, as well as some more information about myself and this blog.