Some big changes have happened in the past week:

1. The family whose wireless I used to piggyback on went on vacation so I no longer have free internet at home (for the next month anyway).

2. I started work! Since I work at a school virtually every single website that doesn’t have “.org” or “.edu” at the end is blocked. I’m lucky to have gchat.

This has meant less blogging and less reading of blogs, making me seriously deprived. I prefer blogs because of the intimacy, authenticity, and diversity of them. But without reading, my ability to write has been severely curtailed. So forgive me if this summer my posts and responses are slower. I’m adjusting to not being able to hop into the blogosphere when I want to!

However without 24/7 access to the internet, I watch way more TV which means more news and more celebrity gossip. Additionally, returning to NYC with a more critical eye has meant accepting the fact that my home city aint really home anymore. I love writing so will still be updating this site, but now I have to write my posts in advance and schedule them (a huge benefit of wordpress). So Ill be back next week!