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Get Help on Volunteering from These Awesome Groups on Twitter

Yesterday I blogged about how the biggest issue in service is giving people the tools to figure what kind of service is best for them.  No matter where you are or what you do we can all make the world a better place but the trick is figuring out how. In addition to the idealist.org … Read More »

My New Volunteer Gig: Social Media Research for Idealist.org

Yesterday I had a virtual orientation with idealist.org/idealistas.org for a social media research position. For a couple hours a week for the next few months with some other awesome volunteers and the idealist.org/idealistas.org staff I will be: 1. Learning about the ethics behind social media when it comes to users, content, and communication 2. Exploring … Read More »

Volunteer Tip: Reflect on Your Volunteer Experience

This article is the third of three in a series about creating a great volunteer experience that I am writing as ambassador of WEVolunteer.tv, a three year initiative by WE tv to get more women to serve. Read the first article on searching for a good opportunity, the second on preparing for your day of … Read More »

Happy National Volunteer Week! News Round-Up and Upcoming Series

The theme this year is “Celebrating People in Action.” This is the time to honor those who give their time to others.  Based on the articles below, the number of people who are giving their time is increasing exponentially, fueled by a failing economy and Obama’s ability to make service cool. Nation Needs Youthful Idealism … Read More »