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Launching a career in social change: Résumé and cover letter tips for college grads

I’m getting some great questions about job hunting from the class of 2013! Over the next few weeks, I’ll update and repost some of my best advice from earlier articles. This was originally written for Nonprofit Career Month in 2009. So you’ve decided to explore a career in the nonprofit sector.  Great!  However, if you’re … Read More »

Changing the world can be draining—here are 12 ways to stay inspired

The grind. You’ve been there. When you started, you happily threw yourself in, seeing how your work fulfilled a greater purpose and mission. Then, you got caught up in the day-to-day work and feel disconnected not just from your job, but also from your cause. You start to wonder if you’re actually making a difference. … Read More »

Three Lessons I’ve Learned about Social Change from Millennials

The Huffington Post recently launched Millennial Impact, a series that chronicles how Millennials are making a difference. They are also giving $10,000 grants to 10 people under 30 who have a vision and plan on how to change the world. I love news like this because it encourages us to go beyond excitement about the existence of … Read More »

8 Lessons from the Olympics on Working Hard, Doing Good, and Fighting for Change

As I’ve mentioned before, I think you can find a great deal of inspiration from the stories, successes, and failures of athletes. I also find that larger conversations around inequality and social justice happen when we dig into sports. With the Olympic Games ending on Sunday, I thought it would be good to share articles … Read More »

Remembering Oseola McCarty: Lessons She Taught Me about Social Change

In July 1995, 87-year-old Oseola McCarty gave $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi. While the amount may not seem remarkable—especially in terms of a gift to a university—Ms. McCarty’s generosity is a testimony to how anyone can help make the world a better place. Born March 7th 1908 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi she dropped out … Read More »