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Getting Millennials to Give: Two Fundraising Practices and Potential for Growth

I was recently asked by a reporter from the Chronicle of Philanthropy if I knew of any charities that have been successful in getting millenial donations. I immediately thought of mobile giving campaigns, but I realized that many of those are sparked by urgency (i.e. Haiti, Chile) and are not necessarily used for long term … Read More »

Remembering Oseola McCarty: Lessons She Taught Me about Social Change

In July 1995, 87-year-old Oseola McCarty gave $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi. While the amount may not seem remarkable—especially in terms of a gift to a university—Ms. McCarty’s generosity is a testimony to how anyone can help make the world a better place. Born March 7th 1908 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi she dropped out … Read More »

The Candidates and Public Service

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is providing amazing coverage of the presidental candidates’ involvement and approach to non profits, philanthropy, and public service.  Additionally they track congressional actions as they relate to non-profits. Notable: McCain supports the Troop-to-Teachers Act, a program to train veterans to become teachers, and introduced legislation to extend the program. Obama has … Read More »