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Sotomayor and the Future of Catholic Schools

There are many things about Sotomayor that people are discussing; her background as a Latina from a poor family in the South Bronx is a source of both inspiration and criticism.  However, I have yet to see a focus on her Catholic school education and the implications it has for school choice and Catholic schools. … Read More »

Bloomberg's Madness and the Public Interest

For those not in NYC, Bloomberg is our current mayor who is seeking to extend term limits from two terms to three, thus allowing politicians to hold office for 12 years instead of 8.  On the one hand I can see the merits of extending term limits. Limits can upset consistency and make completing long term … Read More »

Challenges to Moving Back Home

It has been three months since I moved back to NYC.  After five years of living in Philly and its burbs, and only spending a few weeks at a time in NYC, I expected that, since this is my city, adjusting would be easy. Well it hasnt been easy at all.  Moving back to NYC has required more of me … Read More »

Professional Development with a Cause

A growing trend in many non-profits is to create young professional networks in order to get young adults more involved in the organization. I am a member of several of these groups and I strongly recommend them to young professionals for the following reasons: Network: What I love the most about these groups is that … Read More »