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Sotomayor and the Future of Catholic Schools

There are many things about Sotomayor that people are discussing; her background as a Latina from a poor family in the South Bronx is a source of both inspiration and criticism.  However, I have yet to see a focus on her Catholic school education and the implications it has for school choice and Catholic schools. … Read More »

Challenges to Moving Back Home

It has been three months since I moved back to NYC.  After five years of living in Philly and its burbs, and only spending a few weeks at a time in NYC, I expected that, since this is my city, adjusting would be easy. Well it hasnt been easy at all.  Moving back to NYC has required more of me … Read More »

Professional Development with a Cause

A growing trend in many non-profits is to create young professional networks in order to get young adults more involved in the organization. I am a member of several of these groups and I strongly recommend them to young professionals for the following reasons: Network: What I love the most about these groups is that … Read More »