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How non-profits can support social change – lessons from Net Impact, part II

This is the second and last part of my recap from the Net Impact conference this year. Read the first about career lessons for Millennials. It’s easy to assume that by virtue of being a non-profit, there is an inherent interest in social change. Yet with the social-impact landscape changing, we have to make sure … Read More »

Three ways Millennials can develop a career that makes a difference – lessons from Net Impact, part I

Last weekend I attended the Net Impact 20th Anniversary Conference in Baltimore. While I spoke on a panel about untraditional ways of getting experience in order to break into the impact sector, I was amazed by the brilliance of many of the speakers I heard. There were lessons to be learned for individuals who want … Read More »

Three challenges in breaking into the nonprofit sector and how to overcome them

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with members of Net Impact — a nonprofit that helps business students and professionals find social-impact careers — about breaking into the nonprofit sector. I love having these conversations because they allow me to explore the challenges people who want careers that make a difference are facing. I was asked: … Read More »