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Non-Profit Crisis: It's More than Leadership

With baby boomers approaching retirement, I have come across many articles offering advice on what to do to prepare for the next generation leaders. The advice focuses on ways to make the field more appealing to young people: offer more mentorships, allow for the usage of social media, create more opportunities for advancement, and encourage … Read More »

Just How Radical Are We?

I recently came across this great piece by Rosetta Thurman in which she compares the willingness to make mistakes among Baby Boomers and Generation Y. One line in particular stood out to me: “Young people are afraid to risk failure for the sake of the greater good.” When thinking of social justice, I am often … Read More »

Rethinking Leadership on Malcolm X's Birthday

Today, Malcolm X would have turned 83. Much is written about him often in comparison to Martin Luther King with an eye toward discrediting him. He’s portrayed as a race obsessed maniac unworthy of sympathy even as we are pushed to forgive the transgressions of this nation’s founding fathers because of “the nature of the … Read More »