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No more career porn

A few weeks ago, Brent Besher at Forbes wrote a list of startup porn — “a collection of entertaining, stimulating, and worthless activities that distract an entrepreneur from focusing on what really matters, hindering future achievements” – that founders need to stop focusing on. While the list is humorous, I found strong parallels in many … Read More »

Just landed your first social media gig? Five lessons to keep in mind

I recently joined Idealist.org as an Editor, managing their social media and blog. I’ve been part of the team for a little over a month now and am loving it. And while I’ve been blogging for close to five years, this is the first time I’ve been able to focus on social media and blogging full-time … Read More »

The Best and Worst Moments of My Nonprofit Career

Katya Andresen is hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival and the theme is “highs and lows of your nonprofit career.”  While I didn’t participate in the carnival and have fewer years in public service than those who did, I love topics like this because they are reflective and I walk away with a different understanding … Read More »

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Nonprofit Career in 2010

Happy New Year everyone! New year’s is a time for reflection and promises. If you are interested in a career in the nonprofit sector, consider the following tips that will help you figure out your interests and skills. 1.  Reflect on 2009: Before you make plans to reinvent yourself, reflect on your accomplishments and struggles … Read More »