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How Can We Get the Community Involved in Ending Violence Against Women?

In this interview Avon CEO Andrea Jung answers questions from bloggers (including yours truly!).  All of the questions hit at how various members of our community–nonprofits, for profits, children, and men–can play a role in stopping violence against women. One thing that stood out to me is the question of how we can get children … Read More »

What Role Do Men Have In Stopping Violence Against Women?

One of the events that stood out to me in the Avon and Vital Voices International Women’s Day event series is the discussion on how men can stop violence against women.   When I was in college this issue came up quite a bit.  It is nearly impossible to truly discuss violence against women without addressing … Read More »

International Women's Day and Addressing Violence Against Women

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, yet more than a day is required in order to address violence against women.  The statistics are alarming–according to the Avon Foundation for Women, one in three women worldwide experience violence in their lifetime, and in the U.S., a woman is assaulted every nine seconds. Around the world, services for … Read More »