In my last post, several bloggers shared how being an introvert blogger often presents an enormous challenge: constantly getting stuck. When you need to think an entire post through before even sitting down to write, it is easy to get blocked. Especially if, like me, you don’t always have the time to think out an entire post. The post may come together throughout the day, adding pieces randomly until, a few hours or days later you have piece. And God forbid if you forget some aspects of your post during that time!

However, there are some techniques that I use to help me get through a post when all of my thoughts aren’t coming together:

1. Work on the title: When blogging the title has to draw readers in and highlight the main point of the post. Crafting the title allows me to refine my topic and figure out the structure of my post. ProBlogger has an excellent post on how to write an effective title and the process will definitely help you think out a post.

2. Make a connection: Think about other people and posts who have touched on this topic before. Not only will you be able to add resources and links to your blog post but you’ll also have different ideas to play on or respond to. In general, I find that the more I read and participate in the blogosphere the easier it is for me complete a post.

3. Identify the block: Sometimes it’s not a lack of ideas–it’s a lack of interest in the topic or exhaustion. Try taking a break or moving on to a new topic. Or maybe you’re stuck on length and structure. Not every blog post needs to be long so don’t be afraid of short, straightforward posts. In other words, sometimes you need switch your approach to get through a particular post. Become familiar with your writing process so you can identify and address those blocks appropriately.

What do you do when you’re stuck in the middle of a blog post?