From New York Times Best-Selling authors to TED presenters, I’ve interviewed movers-and-shakers on the latest trends in leadership and social change.

While tactical, practical advice is always helpful, we still need space to go deeper. I’ve been fortunate to interview thought leaders and influencers on some of the bigger issues affecting how we work. Below are a few interviews.

  • Adam Grant, author of Give and Take and Originals: When Adam Grant published his book on the importance of generosity in one’s career, I thought about how this might apply to people who give for a living. In our conversation, we explored this topic and misconceptions around giving.
  • Glynn Washington, host of NPR’s Snap Judgement: I’m a big fan of unconventional career paths and people using various tools to tackle difficult subjects. Glynn Washington started his career in nonprofit administration and now hosts a popular show about the judgements we make every day. I interviewed him about his journey.

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