To strengthen’s brand as the go-to resource for nonprofit jobs, I envisioned, launched, and managed Idealist Careers, the organization’s first digital publication.

Though I was hired to manage the organization’s social media presence, I noticed early on that there was a need for robust, relevant content for the millions of people using the site to find jobs (and reach the millions more who could benefit from our work).

To that end I ushered in the organization’s first digital publication, Idealist Careers, and content strategy. Specifically, I:

  • Established an editorial mission statement, content creation plan, and calendar, creating goals, structures, workflows, and guidelines for all content.
  • Developed an editorial team and network of contributors, recruiting staff and volunteers to write, while working with social media, design, and video teams to create, distribute, and repurpose content.
  • Brainstormed, wrote, assigned, and edited articles on a variety of career and leadership topics, from in-depth interviews with leaders like Peter Buffett to highly tactical tips on job hunting.
  • Created new ways of generating revenue, including an online resume class, in-person events, and paid webinars.
  • Developed content syndication partnerships with a wide range of publications to reach new audiences, including Fast Company, Business Insider, Levo League, and others.

By the end of my tenure, Idealist Careers was a top-10 referrer of new audience traffic to, received 240,000 organic unique visitors per month, and had nearly 17,000 email subscribers.