The theme this year is “Celebrating People in Action.” This is the time to honor those who give their time to others.  Based on the articles below, the number of people who are giving their time is increasing exponentially, fueled by a failing economy and Obama’s ability to make service cool.

Nation Needs Youthful Idealism More than Ever
Civic Generation Rolls Up Sleeves in Record Numbers
With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King
Community Organizing Never Looked so Good

**Mayor Bloomberg launches NYC Service, a city wide initiative to get New Yorkers involved in service, one of the first city wide programs of this kind in the country, including mandatory service for all students in grades K-12. **Correction, I misread the email I received about the project.  He’s not making service mandatory, rather he is requiring that all schools create service learning options so that young people have the option to serve and are exposed to various service opportunities (although mandatory service in schools is certainly not new).  More info here.

I don’t think I have EVER heard so much about volunteering. It is exciting and invigorating to see people committing themselves to developing and sustaining their communities.

While I sit here and encourage people to serve, I realize that I need to do some service myself. Not only would it help me connect and do the direct service work I miss, but also I would be better positioned to help those who are interested in volunteering.

So as I search for and participate in a volunteer activity I will chronicle my experiences.   I will cover how to select a good volunteer opportunity, what to do when you show up to volunteer, and how build on your experience personally and professionally.  I am excited to share this with my readers and also with WE tv, a television network for women, as they launch their WEVolunteer program in an effort to get more women to serve.

What volunteer work are you doing?