Yesterday I blogged about how the biggest issue in service is giving people the tools to figure what kind of service is best for them.  No matter where you are or what you do we can all make the world a better place but the trick is figuring out how.

In addition to the handbook being an excellent resource, on twitter there are tons of people and organizations sharing information on volunteerism from a variety of perspectives.   Whether you are a busy mom looking to volunteer, a student wanting to volunteer abroad, a current volunteer looking for inspiration, or an organization looking to recruit and retain volunteers, there is something on twitter for you.

I made a list of folks on twitter that I enjoy following and find helpful.   If you want to find more check out or look through who your favorite people on twitter are following—it’s  a great way to find new people.  Enjoy and share!

General News:

  • For updates on volunteer opportunities, issues affecting volunteerism, how volunteerism is changing communities follow @servecommunity
  • How are our politicians, celebrities, and companies encouraging service?  How service is making news?  Learn more about that by following:  @TheNewService @national service

Long-Term Service:

  • If you are interested in spending a year or two in a service program you can learn more about challenges and joys of such programs as well as some great opportunities by following:  @peacecorps @americorps @cityyear

Finding Opportunities:

For High School and College Students and Educators:

For Non-Profits

For Busy People:

  • Need tips on coordinating volunteer activities to fit in your busy schedule?  Check out @volunteerspot
  • You can volunteer from your phone.  Really!  Check out @extraordinaries
  • Want to volunteer with the family?  Follow @VolunteerFamily

For Inspiration:

  • Are you currently volunteering and need inspiration or to connect with fellow volunteers?   Follow @volunteerwords @ServiceCircle
  • To see first-hand how people are serving their communities in meaningful ways check out @volunteernation