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Earlier this month I gave a presentation on how to use social media while job hunting at the annual Fundraising Day – NY Conference.  It was a blast connecting with fellow fundraisers, gaining a deeper understanding of philanthropy, and some new resources and best practices.

In my presentation, I covered the basic framework I think people should have when trying to get into social media for career development purposes.  Most people were using social networking for personal reasons, however they wanted to know what simple specific actions or new techniques they should use to gain access to job opportunities and expand their network (remember, the #1 way nonprofits fill positions is through their network!)

Before we get into the ABCs, there are some basics to keep in mind:

  • Have a complete profile: take advantage of the space you are given and share a bit about who you are! Include a link to a place where people can read more about you.  No blog or website?  Start with about.me
  • Be prepared to help others: you really do get as much as you give
  • Be specific in your approach: you dont need to connect with everyone–it’s not a numbers game
  • Be in it for the long haul: it’s about building relationships, which takes time

A:  Awareness

Use social media to learn about job opportunities and increase your knowledge of trends in your field.

To get started: Subscribe to key blogs in your field. Visit nonprofit.alltop.com or fundraising.alltop.com to look at the most popular blogs in the nonprofit and fundraising spaces.

B: Branding

Develop a strong reputation as the go to person in your field by adding value to conversations taking place online.

To get started: Answer questions on LinkedIn. Check out http://learn.linkedin.com/answers/ to get a better sense of how to search and answer questions in your field.

C: Connections

You can build relationships online that can provide support and resources during the job hunt and beyond.

To get started: Find leaders on twitter to follow by using wefollow.com and introduce yourself by congratulating or complimenting them.

Here are some additional resources for job seekers using social media:

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What questions do you have about using social media while job hunting?  What resources or advice would you share for folks wanting to get started with social networking for career development?

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