I’ve gotten quite a few emails, IMs, and DMs about how to find and secure a  job in social change in NYC.  Ultimately, you have to put yourself out there and social media is the best way to do so.  This list is by no means complete but I think a good way to get started in your job search.



The blogosphere:

  • Brazen Careerist, an online network of millennial bloggers not only shares great work/life advice but also, organizations post blogs and job opportunities.
  • Jobs for Change, a new initiative by change.org, is a hub of social change careers and advice.

Groups and e-mail alerts:

Present your own voice:

Let people know you’re in the market, continue to work on (and showcase) your side projects, and be your biggest cheerleader.  Linked In, facebook, and blogging are great ways to get your voice out there and connect with other people who share your interests.  Additionally, these three forms of social media make it much easier for people to find you when they ( inevitably ) google you.  Here are some resources to get started:

I hope this is useful.  Please add to this list and share!