When it comes to searching for nonprofit jobs online, the top sites I hear about are idealist.org, Opportunity Knocks, and Common Good Careers.  But what many folks dont know is that these websites have a ton of resources that can help you better prepare for your job search, make you a more competitive candidate, and help you advance in your career once you are employed. So instead of jumping right to the “search” button, spend some time exploring other links on the site. Here are a few of my favorites:

idealist.org: If you scroll down to the bottom of the idealist.org homepage you’ll see two awesome links: Program and Content and Useful Links. Programs and Content is where idealist.org shares all of their blogs, books, and graduate fairs. Under Useful Links information is organized into “Info Centers” where you can find more specific information based on your interest. The Career Center is my favorite as you will find hands on exercises to help you find the right kind of organization and profession.

Opportunity Knocks: There are various information hubs on Opportunity Knocks under their Nonprofit Jobs Information Center. OK Insights has several blogs that help you define, pursue, develop your nonprofit career. Learn how you can use technology to advance your career or get past writers block and craft the best resume, cover letter, and other forms of every day written communication. Want to hear how job seekers are doing and learn from them? Visit OK Spotlight to hear how real job seekers are finding their dream jobs. And if you’re a young professional trying to find your place in the sector there is an entire section of information just for you.

Common Good Careers: Visit their Knowledge Center for a plethora of career planning and job search advice. Articles range from tips on how to master a job interview to how to move up in your current job. The articles are practical and hands-on, allowing you to implement new strategies immediately. I also enjoyed reading their Uncommon Talent Profiles of movers and shakers in the field for inspiration. And if you are looking for other websites with resources that can you help you develop your career, they have growing resource library of organizations, blogs, and publications.

Obviously, there is a lot of information on these sites which makes them both exciting and overwhelming. To make the best use of them figure out what aspect of the job search you are struggling with: is it concrete things like resume writing and interviewing? is it knowledge based challenges like awareness of the sector and your field? is it professional development issues like networking, managing up, or asking for a raise? Narrowing down your concerns will make the sites much easier to navigate.

Additionally, Opportunity Knocks and Common Good Careers are useful because they focus on employers as well as job seekers. Do you want to know about hiring trends, wages, or funding changes so you can better shape your job search? Opportunity Knocks and Common Good Careers share that information. In other words, you can get inside employers’ heads, if only for a few minutes 🙂

So make sure you bookmark these sites!

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