I just read the 2011 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey. As usual, it is full of fascinating information about the nonprofit job scene this year. While the survey is a snap shot of the sector, some of the points made resonated with me and I think there are some interesting points job seekers should keep in mind:

1. Pay attention to organization size: Larger organizations are hiring more than smaller organizations. However, smaller organizations tend to promote from within instead of looking outside of the organization to fill key positions. This may mean that while there are more opportunities at a larger organization, you can rise and take on bigger responsibilities in a smaller organization. There are other differences to consider when it comes to organization size so it might be helpful to pay attention to them.

2. Get out and network: The top two of five major recruitment strategies for nonprofits are the formal and informal networks of colleagues and nonprofits. In other words, people look to their peers and within the sector to fill positions. Your best way to connect and grow in the sector is to establish relationships with nonprofiteers.

3. If you job search online, focus on a few sites: In addition to leveraging their networks, nonprofits make use of online job sites. The online edition of local newspapers (news to me!), craigslist, and idealist.org are favorites among nonprofits.

4. Brush up on in demand skills: The top three areas of job growth are in direct service, program management, and fundraising. This makes sense to me: there is growing demand for nonprofit services so we need people to provide these services, manage these services, and find funding for these services!

What other pieces of advice would you give to young nonprofit job seekers?