Last week I spoke on the Creative Good: Breaking into the World of Nonprofits panel at the New School, hosted by NYC Creative Interns.  What I love about these types of events is that they give me a sense of the big questions young people are grappling with when it comes to nonprofit careers. While conversations around passion and purpose are important, I find that young people are equally concerned with the nitty-gritty of professional life such as writing resumes, networking, and paying bills.

Introduction to Nonprofit CareersTo that end, I am launching a short new series—Nonprofit Careers 101—that will explore some of the more basic elements of finding and enjoying your nonprofit job. Over the next few weeks I am going to answer the following questions on my blog:

I am looking forward answering these questions and hearing your thoughts as well! Do you have other questions? Share them below! I may answer them in a later blog post or share on facebook. And if you are on twitter use the hashtag #npcareers101 to keep the conversation going.