"Work is Love Made Visible" ~Kahlil Gibran

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we often show love to our partners or closest friends and family members.  While showing love to those we know is powerful, we can take this time to extend love to those we don’t know who are in need and strengthen our commitment to social change.  Here are three tips for spreading the love.

Commit to a regular act for a cause you love: Care about the environment?  Commit carrying your own bags to the grocery store.   Care about hunger?  Commit to serving food one a month.  Use today to find one regular act you can commit to for a cause that means a lot to you.

Become a champion for an organization you love: We all have a nonprofit that touches us personally—our church, our local library, or our alma maters.  Share their good work through your social networking profiles, send them a note telling, them what they mean to you, and ask others to support them as well.

Serve with those you love: Invite the people you love to join you in volunteer activities. Whether you are writing letters to troops abroad, cleaning up local parks, or serving food at a soup kitchen, the love giving and of gratitude are infectious and long lasting.  And getting as many people involved creates stronger communities of giving.

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Photo Credit: Sister72, flickr, creative commons