I have spent over three years blogging about how young people can find careers and thrive in the nonprofit sector. With graduation season upon us, I thought it would be nice to share some advice from fellow nonprofiteers and changemakers on twitter for college grads interested in public service. In all of the time that I have been blogging, I have found twitter to be the most useful way of learning about the sector and connecting with others who share my passion.

So I asked my peers on twitter: What advice would you give to college grads looking for careers in public service? Below are their answers with some additional resources.

Want to learn more about finding and preserving your passion in social change work? Check out Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times by Paul Loeb, a handbook to maintaining faith, building community, and creating change.

Concerned about how to manage your debt while pursuing a career in public service? Idealist.org just shared three financial aid and debt repayment options for people interested in public service.

If you want to volunteer to build experience and your network, check out Six Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career by Careerealism which includes additional resources to help you get started.

Confidence and commitment go a long way in helping you shine in the sector. To help find your calling and move forward with your vision for social change, check out Echoing Green’s new book Work on Purpose which includes inspirational stories of young activists and tangible resources to help you craft the career you want.

Not sure if social media is for you or feel intimidated by the idea of personal branding? Rosetta Thurman has a Social Media 101 series on her blog providing support to folks new to social media for personal branding.

I am also happy to offer coaching to college grads. Check out what help I provide to young people wanting careers in the nonprofit sector and contact me to discuss a consultation.

What advice/resources would you provide to a college grad wanting a career in public service?