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Two Events to Celebrate and Connect with Young Social Change Leaders in NYC

Around this time of year the holiday parties start piling up (Next week I am attending FOUR holiday parties). But in the middle of wine, cheese, and cool company I wanted to highlight some events in NYC that are great opportunities to network, connect, and make a difference. These events are being led by young … Read More »

Five Problems with How We Measure Social Change

For this month’s Nonprofit Millenial Bloggers Alliance post, we are tackling defining and measuring social impact. I think we talk about social change so much that we underestimate what it takes to bring it to fruition.  Social change is inherently a societal concern with multiple layers and intersections, which makes defining it and measuring it … Read More »

Reflecting on Service and Community on Veterans Day

What has always stood out to me about Veterans Day was the silence from the Veterans in my life. When I would come up with ways to celebrate I was met with appreciation, but generally frustration and some confusion over why people suddenly want to celebrate and discuss Vets. This is partly because of the … Read More »

Keeping My Fire

Elisa Ortiz recently wrote a great piece about her journey into the nonprofit sector.  It got me thinking about mine and the challenges I am facing.  So for this Nonprofit Milleninal Bloggers Alliance post, I’m reflecting on why I’m in the sector. I didn’t get into the nonprofit sector because of a desire to feel … Read More »