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6 no-tech productivity hacks that have changed my work life

Nothing high-tech and nothing fancy. I’ve realized that what works for me are actions that trigger additional positive, productive behaviors and require me to be mindful. Here are my favorites strategies for being productive. Create a keystone habit. People who are close to me know that I am pretty protective of my leisurely mornings. I … Read More »

3 tips to consider when pursuing your first (or second, or third) nonprofit job #npcareers101

I sense a lot of panic when young people ask me questions about finding a nonprofit job. Yes, panic! Not just because they aren’t sure of what they want to do (and how to get there), but also because they aren’t sure what kind of organization to work for. I believe that the two are … Read More »

Three nonprofits that have changed the way we think about technology

When it comes to nonprofits and technology, the conversation often focuses on what the sector lacks: the resources for a strong technology infrastructure and the time to thoughtfully engage with technology. But being a life-long nonprofiteer, I continue to be amazed by how many nonprofits have rocked technology so well that organizations across sectors sit … Read More »

What to do if you’re not a struggling 20-something – my thoughts on Taylor Cotter

Yesterday, Taylor Cotter wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about how she’s not really struggling. As a 22-year-old communications professional, she feels things have come a bit easy for her and laments the lack adversity in her life. Plenty of people have already stated that it is problematic to write about how great your life … Read More »