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Social Media for Social Change: Are you ready for Twestival?

About two years ago I attended Twestival which benefited Charity:Water.  And honestly, I had a mixed reaction.  While it was exciting to see so many people gathered together for  good cause, there was little meaningful interaction during and after the event.  As a result, I felt removed from the charity and the event itself. However, … Read More »

How Young People Can “Democratize Expertise”

In times of uncertainty we look to experts–usually those with a certain level of education and experience–to guide us and reassure us. However, as Noreena Hertz points out in her TED talk our reliance on experts often leads to hero worship and blind following, and, most importantly, the inability for us to recognize our own … Read More »

The new digital divide and its implications for social media and social change

For the many nonprofits involved in researching and addressing the digital divide, the emphasis has been on access to technology: how can we ensure that people, in particular different racial and economic groups, have access to the internet so that they become fully part of the digital age? However, this approach to the digital divide … Read More »

Is talking about your youth bad for your development as a leader?

Akhila over at Justice for All recently wrote a compelling piece advising millennials to stop talking about how young we are and focus on developing our expertise: By overemphasizing your youth & inexperience, you miss out on such learning experiences, as well as the opportunity to present yourself as a thought leader in your field. … Read More »

Two ways young nonprofit professionals can build their brands and networks online

We all have causes that we are passionate and knowledgeable about; the challenge is sharing what we know and love with others in a meaningful and beneficial way.  I have found the following two techniques incredibly helpful in developing a strong reputation and building relationships: 1.  Answer questions: Answering questions allows you to demonstrate your … Read More »