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Shifting the lens on the millennial generation’s activism

Ami Dar, Executive Director of, recently wrote about the language problem facing the social sector. Rather than acknowledging the full range of actions people take to make a difference, we often use limiting generic words to describe what we’re doing (think “I am going to serve.” Vs. “I am going to build a playground.”) … Read More »

The Integration of Social Change and Living: Lessons from Jumo

Jumo was purchased by GOOD. I have to admit that I didn’t get into Jumo because a.  My social network is primarily full of nonprofiteers and other folks who want to do good so I didn’t need a separate network and b.  As much as I love the nonprofit sector, people simply don’t organize around … Read More »

What Nonprofits Can Teach Small Businesses on Groupon about Customer Retention

Groupon chose an interesting time to file for IPO: right in the midst of a debate on what value, if any, Groupon provides to businesses who participate in its deals. While businesses have reported several challenges—from being overwhelmed to major loss of profit—the biggest one is customer retention. Rather than fostering a larger stronger customer … Read More »