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Collective martyrdom will make our work ineffective

In a recent article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Brendan Tapley—a communications and marketing consultant—argues that the sector is suffering from lack of pride and how this makes it difficult for us to celebrate our work and advocate for support for our institutions. While he focuses on organizations, he makes a compelling argument that our … Read More »

Three ways Millennials can develop a career that makes a difference – lessons from Net Impact, part I

Last weekend I attended the Net Impact 20th Anniversary Conference in Baltimore. While I spoke on a panel about untraditional ways of getting experience in order to break into the impact sector, I was amazed by the brilliance of many of the speakers I heard. There were lessons to be learned for individuals who want … Read More »

8 Lessons from the Olympics on Working Hard, Doing Good, and Fighting for Change

As I’ve mentioned before, I think you can find a great deal of inspiration from the stories, successes, and failures of athletes. I also find that larger conversations around inequality and social justice happen when we dig into sports. With the Olympic Games ending on Sunday, I thought it would be good to share articles … Read More »