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The most underutilized personal branding and community building tool

Commenting. Yes, commenting. If you love reading blogs, magazines, news, and other types of info online, you know the comments section can be hit-or-miss. At its worst, the comments section can be a cesspool of hate, ignorance, and hostility. However, at its best, the comments section can be a great place for conversation and debate … Read More »

Success = Relationships + Excellence + Visibility

What does it take to move forward in our careers? While the definition of success varies for each person, I think the three elements listed below are critical to seeing any positive change in our work lives. Relationships: Are you building communities? We often hear about relationships in the context of moving up: Who can … Read More »

Do you really need a mentor?

  You can’t read about professional development or entrepreneurship without coming across advice to find a mentor: someone who takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes. This person helps you answer questions, expand your network, and vouches for you when needed. In return, you demonstrate progress and enthusiasm, and help them as … Read More »

Two tech sites to use for unconventional career exploration

When it comes to technology and our careers, we often focus on how to leverage the Big Three – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – to develop our personal brands. What’s often missing is the importance of being a life-long learner and explorer. Our interests change and work environments change; because of this, keeping an open … Read More »