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Where Can I Find Non Profit Jobs? 5 Tips to Consider #npcareers101

Now that graduation season has started, many grads–if they havent found one already–are anxiously looking for a job.  For folks considering a career in the non profit sector, job hunting may feel especially daunting as the sector remains a mystery to many (hence my non profit careers 101 series). With focus and preparation, you can … Read More »

Sh*t Nonprofit People Say

How can we better engage our email/twitter/facebook supporters? They have really bad Founders Syndrome. You know that grant’s due in 10 minutes, right? ANY FOOD LEFT FROM THAT  BOARD MEETING? (all caps because the food is often delicious and is the best part of meeting) I’ve heard these plenty of times and they are captured … Read More »

Is there really a nonprofit – social entrepreneurship divide?

One thing I have had the pleasure of witnessing in my four (!!) years of blogging is how the conversation on social good is changing to incorporate more approaches.  I’ve seen this specifically in the growth of social entrepreneurship. However, the definition of social entrepreneurship seems to change depending on the speaker.  Is it someone … Read More »

Three Powerful Career Questions from Google

  I recently came across this article on the secret to landing a job at Google. Applicants go through rounds of interviews with a variety of seemingly odd questions. Yet while the questions may appear unconnected, Google is really trying to gauge the following: (1) whether you know your field of expertise; (2) whether you … Read More »