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Nonprofit Newbies Group

Since I started working last year I have really been interested in connecting with other people starting their nonprofit careers.  To make this happen I started a facebook group–Nonprofit Newbies–where people can share resources, ideas, experiences, and best practices based on the subsector of our organization and the type of job we have.  Any ideas … Read More »

Yes It's a Career: Finding Your Place in a Nonprofit

As I approached graduation last year I had two main jobs thrown at me: teaching or Americorps.  As someone interested in public service work (in particular education) very little attention was paid to nonprofit culture, preparation to enter the sector, or opportunities.  Even worse, I found that people treated nonprofit work as a transition job … Read More »

Community Organizing is the One Thing We ALL Can Support

While I couldnt care less about Palin, Guiliani, or McCain, their comments regarding Obama’s experience as a community organizer got my fellow nonprofit employees fuming.  Aside from the fact that they will praise each other for their community involvement,  (thus making their insults at Obama blatantly hypocritical) I have always assumed that the act of people … Read More »

It's Time for Colleges and Universities to Work Together

My biggest push for non profit organizations is for them to realize the importance of collaborations. In order to increase our resources and strengthen our ability to help others we can’t operate as though we live on an island and are the only ones who can address a particular issue. However, colleges and universities appear … Read More »

I want to be Non-Profity!: A Recap from the Craigslist Non-Profit Bootcamp

“Are you non-profity?” “Do you have enough non-profitness?” “How non-profit like can you be?” These questions were asked by Dr. Paul Light, the opening keynote speaker and a professor at NYU where the Craigslist Non-profit bootcamp was held this past weekend.  While these questions may make you laugh they highlight a necessary step that nonprofits must … Read More »