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3 things you need to stop doing if you want a fulfilling nonprofit career

  When it comes to finding a nonprofit job, we focus a lot on the professional side of things: what we enjoy doing, what causes we are passionate about, and what kind of work environments we would enjoy. But crafting a successful nonprofit career takes more than that — it also takes a strong understanding … Read More »

5 ways to handle a disappointing job

When it comes to our careers, we’re told to follow our passion and find work that fulfills us. While I believe that we can find or create careers that allow us to grow while making a difference, sometimes, work can be a disappointment. I’m not talking about a mean boss or undermining teammates. I’m talking … Read More »

Collective martyrdom will make our work ineffective

In a recent article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Brendan Tapley—a communications and marketing consultant—argues that the sector is suffering from lack of pride and how this makes it difficult for us to celebrate our work and advocate for support for our institutions. While he focuses on organizations, he makes a compelling argument that our … Read More »

3 tips to consider when pursuing your first (or second, or third) nonprofit job #npcareers101

I sense a lot of panic when young people ask me questions about finding a nonprofit job. Yes, panic! Not just because they aren’t sure of what they want to do (and how to get there), but also because they aren’t sure what kind of organization to work for. I believe that the two are … Read More »