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A key lesson for social change leaders from Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris Perry and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

I attended the Rachel Maddow show last wednesday which happened to be the day that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed.  Melissa Harris Perry was on the show and commented that while we should celebrate the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, we still have a long way to go to ensuring that members of … Read More »

Five must read books for young people interested in nonprofits and social justice (and a gift for you)

Yes I said books.  Remember those? 🙂 While I have learned so much from blogging, networking, and working in the nonprofit sector, the following books provide ongoing guidance, insight, and support for me as I develop my career.  This list includes books that offer hands-on tips and strategies on how to define and do well … Read More »

7 leadership challenges facing young people and nonprofits

Last Wednesday I spoke on a panel at Demos about the role of young people, technology, and nonprofits in democracy. The other panelists were Jared Duval, a fellow at Demos and author of Next Generation Democracy, and Ben Berkowitz, CEO and co-founder of SeeClickFix, an organization that allows people to report problems in their neighborhood … Read More »

Seven things I wish I knew when I started my nonprofit career

While I got into the nonprofit sector through my passion for education equality, I have to admit that my understanding of the sector was clouded by warm and fuzzy thoughts. Nonprofits are nice! We love each other! Things are easy! Where are my birkenstocks?! This narrow silly attitude affected how I envisioned my career. It … Read More »

Looking for a nonprofit job? Go beyond the online job bank.

When starting the nonprofit job hunt from scratch our gut reaction is to tap into our networks or hop online. Various websites like, common good careers, opportunity knocks, dotorgjobs, and even craigslist offer hundreds of jobs to choose from, but what other online resources can help you while you search for a nonprofit job? I … Read More »