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Two big changes in online job boards and what they mean for job seekers

Because of my work, I’m constantly looking at changes in how we define our careers and search for opportunities. While many experts encourage seekers to stay away from job boards, I’ve noticed two interesting trends when it comes to job boards that might make them incredibly useful to job seekers: They have gone beyond size … Read More »

Want to be a successful social entrepreneur? Focus on building community

A few weeks ago, I attended Ignition 2013, a four-day invitation-only event celebrating Millennials who have launched social-change organizations. Ignite Good—a project of the Heartfelt Foundation that provided funding to 15 young global leaders to tackle pressing social issues—and the Huffington Post brought together leaders from around the world to talk about what it takes … Read More »

Want to love your job? “Dwell in sufficiency”

Last week, I got the Applied Research Center (ARC – the folks who publish enewsletter. In it, the President of ARC, Rinku Sen, shared a powerful story in response to the all-too-frequent assumptions we face when explaining why work we for social change: you’re a martyr or enjoy suffering. A couple of weeks ago … Read More »

3 tips to consider when pursuing your first (or second, or third) nonprofit job #npcareers101

I sense a lot of panic when young people ask me questions about finding a nonprofit job. Yes, panic! Not just because they aren’t sure of what they want to do (and how to get there), but also because they aren’t sure what kind of organization to work for. I believe that the two are … Read More »