Want to love your job? “Dwell in sufficiency”

Last week, I got the Applied Research Center (ARC – the folks who publish colorlines.com) enewsletter. In it, the President of ARC, Rinku Sen, shared a powerful story in response to the all-too-frequent assumptions we face when explaining why work we for social change: you’re a martyr or enjoy suffering. A couple of weeks ago … Read More »

Collective martyrdom will make our work ineffective

In a recent article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Brendan Tapley—a communications and marketing consultant—argues that the sector is suffering from lack of pride and how this makes it difficult for us to celebrate our work and advocate for support for our institutions. While he focuses on organizations, he makes a compelling argument that our … Read More »

Success = Relationships + Excellence + Visibility

What does it take to move forward in our careers? While the definition of success varies for each person, I think the three elements listed below are critical to seeing any positive change in our work lives. Relationships: Are you building communities? We often hear about relationships in the context of moving up: Who can … Read More »