It's All the Rage: Hispter Racism

In my previous post I lamented my generation’s involvement with race issues–now I see we are involved just in the most alienating and annoying way possible.  First it was the cover of the New Yorker, then it was this fool running around with an “Obama is My Slave” t-shirt.  Last week I was visually assaulted with … Read More »

You Say Colorblind, I Say Intellectually Lazy

When Barack Obama won the primaries much attention was paid to my generation’s reasons for voting for him.  Apparently, we’re color blind. Firstly, are we watching the same election? Is this the same election where Obama’s racial authenticity has been called into question? Where his bid has sparked numerous discussions about the black experience in … Read More »

Brief Update

Some big changes have happened in the past week: 1. The family whose wireless I used to piggyback on went on vacation so I no longer have free internet at home (for the next month anyway). 2. I started work! Since I work at a school virtually every single website that doesn’t have “.org” or … Read More »