Two big changes in online job boards and what they mean for job seekers

Because of my work, I’m constantly looking at changes in how we define our careers and search for opportunities. While many experts encourage seekers to stay away from job boards, I’ve noticed two interesting trends when it comes to job boards that might make them incredibly useful to job seekers: They have gone beyond size … Read More »

The most underutilized personal branding and community building tool

Commenting. Yes, commenting. If you love reading blogs, magazines, news, and other types of info online, you know the comments section can be hit-or-miss. At its worst, the comments section can be a cesspool of hate, ignorance, and hostility. However, at its best, the comments section can be a great place for conversation and debate … Read More »

3 things you need to stop doing if you want a fulfilling nonprofit career

  When it comes to finding a nonprofit job, we focus a lot on the professional side of things: what we enjoy doing, what causes we are passionate about, and what kind of work environments we would enjoy. But crafting a successful nonprofit career takes more than that — it also takes a strong understanding … Read More »

Want to be a successful social entrepreneur? Focus on building community

A few weeks ago, I attended Ignition 2013, a four-day invitation-only event celebrating Millennials who have launched social-change organizations. Ignite Good—a project of the Heartfelt Foundation that provided funding to 15 young global leaders to tackle pressing social issues—and the Huffington Post brought together leaders from around the world to talk about what it takes … Read More »