As a new batch of college grads enter the work force, many are looking for opportunities to make a difference.  I have had the privilege of not only sharing my experiences but also working closely with young people who are interested in careers in nonprofit work. I often get a flurry of questions on how to network, how to craft a resume, entry level positions…the list goes on and on.

Rather writing advice myself, I’ve asked my fellow young nonprofit professionals to reflect on their experiences and share their insights on how young people can launch their careers in public service.

Starting tomorrow and each Tuesday in June you’ll hear from the following nonprofit rockstars:

  • Nathan Hand, a young nonprofit and fundraising professional in Indianapolis, offers advice on how to select the most compelling moments in your undergrad experience and communicate them effectively to your employer.
  • Sarah Percoulis, the Youth Program Associate at the Battle Creek Community Foundation, shares her wisdom on how to integrate into a new community–this is particularly important as many of us may move to different communities or the work we do requires us to be involved with the people we serve.
  • And Jessica Journey, another young nonprofit professional in Indianapolis, gives shares three tips on the “art of following up.”   How many times have you missed a potential connection because you forgot to follow up?  Jessica makes it easy to correct that mistake.

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