Three More Reasons to Join the Young Professionals Organization in Your City

Rebecca Lausch recently wrote a great piece on Brazen Careerist on why young people should connect with young professionals organizations (YPOs). In joining these organizations you have access to networking opportunities, gain greater exposure to your field, can leverage the collective power of those who share your passion. Based on my experience as a member … Read More »

College grads want careers in public service….now what?

There have been several stories in the news recently about young people pursuing careers in public service. While I think this trend has been happening for quite some time (some argue the interest was sparked by the Obama campaign and the sluggish economy) what’s missing from the conversation are the next steps. In other words…now … Read More »

Should social entrepreneurs be more political to build social change?

Cheryl Dorsey, Executive Director of Echoing Green, shared an interesting perspective on social entrepreneurs and politics in her interview with Ashoka’s ChangemakHERS: To achieve wide-scale social change we have to engage the world of politics – this is what Dr. King and Nelson Mandela did so well. You are never going to get to the … Read More »