I am jumping up and down in my seat! It’s my blogoversary which, to be honest, has become much more exciting than my birthday (draw from that what you will-although I will be 25 in a week and I am totally looking forward to it).

I’ve been blogging for three years. I remember when I started this blog–in a house in Philadelphia with five other graduates from my college who were all working at nonprofits around Philly. I started my blog out of a desire to work out my thoughts and feelings as a nonprofit newbie. In three years I cant believe how much I and my blog have grown! And I must say that this year has been one of the most exciting years I’ve had professionally thanks to blogging, the wonderful relationships I have developed because of blogging, and the self awareness blogging has encouraged:

  • I transitioned to an awesome new job where I feel supported and can see myself growing.
  • I attended amazing conferences hosted by fabulous organizations like Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy and Personal Democracy Forum.
  • I worked with more organizations who want to learn more about next generation leadership and young people who wanted to grow their careers in the sector.
  • I joined the YNPN-NYC board!
  • I co-launched the Nonprofit Millennial Bloggers Alliance website to showcase the awesomeness of our generation
  • I started Do Good in Brooklyn (as of, like, last week) to explore what it means to be part of social change in my own community (and to try a different style of blogging and learning)

How am I celebrating?  By planning my goals for next year:

  • Publish a small  e-book for young people on searching for nonprofit job in NYC.
  • Redesigning and re-energizing the Nonprofit Millennial Bloggers Alliance to make it useful for bloggers and organizations.
  • Launching OnlyUp, an online journal about the future of social justice leadership and young people’s roles in it
  • Turn Do Good in Brooklyn into an online hub for BK Activism.
  • I would also love to spend more time examining the role of nonprofits in economic, political, and social progress.  Examining the larger impact of nonprofits is becoming a fun pastime of mine. Yes–it’s fun!

And it would have been hard to do all of this and set goals for myself without all of you (here comes the mushy stuff…)

Seriously! I’ve been challenged, encouraged, and pushed by readers and fellow bloggers, many of whom I have had the privilege of actually meeting and becoming good friends offline. This blogging thing is lovely because of the relationships and community I am able be part of.

To that end–where would you like to see this blog go? Any ideas or recommendations? Certain types of content you’d like to see? Please feel free to fill out this quick little survey or just comment below.

Here’s to another great year!

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