Tips for Blogger Outreach for Nonprofits

In the past few months I have had various organizations and people ask me to post about their work. Being approached to support a cause or organization is flattering and in general I’m happy to write about an issue or cause I support.  However, I have noticed some small and not so small mistakes people … Read More »

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Social Media Engagement

Last week I attended the NYU-RCLA workshops on using social media to further your social justice mission. It was an amazing three days of learning about social media tools, context, and tips for implementation. Yet the big question of the week seemed to be: how do I get people engage with me? Imagine, you’re hype … Read More »

Board Service: Giving Back to Your Community

Two months ago I was voted onto the board of Artistic New Directions, a small non-profit in Manhattan that provides space and professional development to emerging performance artists in New York.  For a while I went back and forth on the idea of joining a board.  On the one hand, the opportunity to gain behind … Read More »

Suing Your College Because You Cant Find a Job is a Dumb Move

From On July 24, [Trina Thompson] filed suit against [Monroe College] in Bronx Supreme Court, alleging that Monroe’s “Office of Career Advancement did not help me with a full-time job placement. I am also suing them because of the stress I have been going through.” The college responded that it offers job-search support to … Read More »